Who We Work With

We work with homeowners – big and small. We do jobs – residential and commercial. We work with second homeowners and short-term rental owners. We are the one stop shop in Central New Hampshire for all interior and exterior property needs.

Where We Work

Most of our business is in Campton, Thornton, and Woodstock, but we have done larger jobs as south as Meredith and as far north as Whitefield. We know it’s hard to find good help and we appreciate great customers so if you have needs, please reach out to us. We are always continuously expanding! 

Second Homeowners

Second homes – while a great place to relax and get away – can be a hassle. For second homeowners, we have built additions, do regular house check-ups, and fixed severe rot repair damage. 

Short-Term Rental Owners

Whether we like it or not, short-term rentals are a business. Your guests have high expectations when they come to your property. We understand that short-term rental owners demand speed, professionalism, and quality and we deliver it. 

Why Tuck Home Services?

Reliability, communication, professionalism, and responsiveness – this is how Tuck Home Services approaches all jobs big and small.






We’re Here to Help

Owning a home or managing a property is a lot of work. We aim to make property managers’ and homeowners’ lives easier and simpler.