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Since 2015, we have cleared over 3500+ driveways in Campton, Thornton, and Woodstock. Your neighbor with a truck might plow a couple of driveways as a winter hobby but this is our business. You can trust us to get the job done every time there is a plowable snowfall. 

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Residential Snow Removal Cost

We offer a custom seasonal price for every customer, based on three main variables: the difficulty of plowing a driveway (how steep is it, where can we put the snow, how many hazards there are to navigate), the size of the driveway, and any shoveling / manual clearing that must be done. In order to provide the level of service that we do, we cannot offer discounts.

No “Per Event” pricing here, it’s too much admin work and we prefer to focus our energy on delivering excellent service.

Existing customers who are full-time residents and on a fixed income can reach out to set up a monthly installment plan for their seasonal price. This will require putting a credit card on file.

For residential customers, prices start at $660 for the season for the smallest property and go up to $3,300 for our big jobs involving plowing, sanding, and shoveling.

If there are over 20 events* in one season, we will charge per event for the rest of the year to continue our service.

An event is defined as when our drivers have to get in their truck, go out, and then finish up. A large multi-day storm with snow stopping and starting could comprise multiple events.

Snow Removal Services

At Tuck Home Services we are proud to provide professional snow plowing services to the residents of Campton, Thornton and Woodstock. We have years of experience and strive to provide trustworthy and reliable service. Wether it be a larger commercial property or your home residence, our goal is to provide high quality services and property maintenance to all of our clients in New Hampshire. We understand that snow can cause worry as it can affect you being able to leave your home safely. Which is why we place a strong emphasis on communication and work to keep you informed about timelines.

Professional 24/7 Service

The weather can be unpredictable. It started snowing at 10pm? There is no need to get your coat and shovel on to brave the cold. We offer 24/7 snow removal services. The moment that a storm is coming to an end, our crews are out and hard at work no matter what time of day. You do not need to call us, as long as we have your email you will be on our list of residences that need service. We will also send you an email to keep you in the loop and let you know when our drivers have headed out. We try our best to reach your residence as fast as possible. If you are on our list we will work around the clock to get to you as soon as we can. 

When we arrive at your residence for snow removal, we do not require you to be home. However, if there are cars blocking areas of the driveway this could greatly affect the quality of our work. If possible, we suggest our clients remove all items from the area that they want snow to be removed from.

Benefits of Hiring a professional

There are several reasons to consider hiring a professional snow removal company. Firstly, it’s a time-saver. Clearing snow can be a real hassle, especially if you have a big driveway or property. No challenge is too big for us, we service both big apartment buildings and small residential driveways. Upon request we can also push back snow banks or haul snow off of your property. By using our snow removal services you’ll free
up time, energy and keep warm.

Another reason to hire a professional snow removal company is for safety reasons. Snow and ice can make sidewalks and driveways treacherous, which can result in accidents. Our snow removal services will ensure your property is clear of snow and ice, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Do you have a rental property? By using our services you can rest assured that your property is being maintained to keep your residents safe

Why Work With Us

Tuck Home Services is your one-stop-shop for all home repair and maintenance needs, including snow removal. We are committed to providing high quality customer service and to ensure that our work meets our clients high standards. Don’t spend time calling multiple businesses when something goes wrong, we can do it all! 

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Other FAQ

See our detailed FAQ page for more information on what sets us apart from our competition when it comes to snow removal.

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