Pothos Stays Local THS Partner

Pothos Stays, a dedicated partner of Tuck Home Services, is reshaping the landscape of short-term rental property management with its comprehensive suite of services, including trash pick-up, hot tub maintenance, and meticulous management of rental properties. The weekly trash pick-up service is at the heart of their offerings, a testament to their commitment to operational excellence.


Founded by college friends, Pothos Stays embarked on its journey in the vacation rental business with a single mountain cabin in 2019. Since then, their passion for the region and the business has only deepened, driven by a mission to bring people together and enhance the guest experience in premium properties.

The Pothos Difference

Pothos Stays distinguishes itself through a unique blend of local expertise, deep partnerships with service providers, and a vertically integrated operation that ensures a seamless guest experience. With a primary focus on properties that rank in the top 5% of their competitive set, Pothos Stays charges a competitive fee ranging from 15-20% of gross revenue, significantly lower than the industry standard.

Trash Pick-Up Service

The cornerstone of Pothos Stays’ operation is its weekly trash pick-up service. This service is not just about waste management; it reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the properties they manage. Pothos Stays plays a critical role in preserving the natural charm of the vacation spots and enhancing guest satisfaction by ensuring regular and efficient trash disposal.

Hot Tub Service

In addition to trash management, Pothos Stays offers hot tub maintenance, ensuring that these luxurious amenities are always ready for guests to enjoy. This service and their comprehensive property management exemplify Pothos Stays’ dedication to providing a five-star hospitality experience.

Short-Term Rental Property Management

Marketing and revenue optimization form another pillar of Pothos Stays’ services. By understanding what guests look for and optimizing listings for visibility, Pothos Stays ensures that properties attract guests and achieve maximum revenue through dynamic pricing strategies.

The guest experience is paramount for Pothos Stays, with over 90% of guests rating their stays as five-star experiences. This is achieved through meticulous attention to guest communications, from inquiries to feedback, ensuring every aspect of their stay is managed professionally and promptly.

Property operations are handled with the utmost care, partnering with high-end cleaning services and employing technology to ensure properties are always pristine. Proactive maintenance, in collaboration with Tuck Home Services, ensures that any issues are swiftly addressed, maintaining the high standard expected by guests.

Pothos Stays positions itself not as a co-host but as a full-service partner in short-term rental property management. This approach ensures that the coordination between the hospitality, cleaning, and maintenance aspects of property management is seamless, providing a superior guest experience without the property owner needing to be involved in the day-to-day operations.


In summary, Pothos Stays, focusing on weekly trash pick-up, hot tub maintenance, and short-term rental property management, redefines what it means to offer full-service management in the vacation rental industry. Their commitment to quality, guest satisfaction, and operational excellence makes them an invaluable partner to Tuck Home Services and a trusted name among property owners looking to elevate their short-term rental properties.